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Lumag STM350-800 Electric Masonry Saw Bench

The Lumag STM350-800 Masonry Saw Bench 230v 16 amp is an excellent tool for accurate and safe cutting of tiles and masonry. Made to incorporate a dust suppression water tray and adjustable cutting head that enables you to tilt the blade 45 degrees in either direction. Includes FREE blade worth 79.00. Specifications: Operating voltage 230 v 50 hz Motor power 2 kw s6 40% Running speed 2800 rpm Operating current 8A Protection Class IP54 Table size 530 x 430 mm Blade sizes 350 x 30 mm Operating speed 80 m/s Max cutting depth 120 mm Max cutting length 800 mm Tilt angle 0-45 Water capacity 37.8L Sound Pressure 72db (a) Sound Level 85db (a) Weight 92kg Dimensions (L x W x H) 1240 x 550 x 1190 mm Includes FREE blade worth 79.00

Item Ref: FPS91
965.83 + VAT


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